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And is not a good dog for first-time dog owners. 40 cm. For these reasons, the ideal owner of a Shar Pei mix will be one with a flexible schedule who understands the importance of training and exercise. VERWENDUNG : Jagd- und Wachhund. Shar Pei. Niemals sollte man einen Shar Pei in einer Zoohandlung oder gar auf einem Markt (sehr beliebt in den ehemaligen Ostblockländern!) Smart, and a lil stubborn, im using treats to get the good behavior to stick. This will be a moderate tempered dog as the Shar Pei is a … But all Shar … Learn more here! This special breed is believed to have originated in the USA.. Coco is a short stocky Shar Pei mix. The sweet, rumple-faced Lab Pei makes a wonderful addition to any family as they get along well with children and other pets. Shar Pei Mixes Home » Dog Categories » Shar Pei Mixes Shar Pei was bred to protect, to hunt large, dangerous animals, and to fight. Any comments regarding this would be helpful as I do not want to acquire the puppy if more than likely the two dogs will not mix well. Beliebte Mixe. Kategorie: Mischlingshündin über 50cm (Tierschutz) PELUSA, w., kastr., Shar Pei-Mix, geb. Shar-Pei Rescue of VA, Inc. PO Box 968, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006 • • 609-494-0020 Preferred method of contact is email Adopt A Pei • Help A Pei • FAQ's • Resources • Pei Shop • Hap-Pei … He is such a sweet and thoughtful dog. Shar Pei Boxer mix black is nice and calm door who are friendly to my children. Your Labrador Shar Pei mix will require socialization and obedience training from an early age. Violeta - Mix Shar Pei - Labrador, lieb und verträglich Mischlingshunde Shar-Pei (5 Jahre) Violeta Mix Shar Pei / Labrador - mittelgroß Hündin - kastriert, gechipt, geimpft Schulterhöhe ca. Still, the Pitbull Shar Pei mix will likely be a stubborn breed who will be very intelligent, muscular, and loyal. The Shar-pei mix breed is a large dog with wrinkled skin. Name: Richi: Geschlecht: männlich: Geboren: 2014: Verträglichkeit Artgenossen: nach Sympathie: Verträglichkeit Katzen: noch nicht bekannt: Aufenthaltsort: Tierheim Dreherhof, Aalen Name: Elvis – RESERVIERT: Geschlecht: männlich: … 2481 - Camino de la Abadía - 18220 Albolote (Granada) Telefon: 0049 152/21 81 93 48 My daughter has a char pie Newfoundland mix has a skin irritation heals and comes back from chewing know anyone who may be interested in him, Your email address will not be published. The Bulldog is similar to the Shar Pei as far as having loose, wrinkly skin and shorter fur. The Shar Pei Pitbull mix is a designer breed that could end up in shelters because people are unable to care for this exotic dog. Your Pit Pei could come out looking like a pit bull, a Shar Pei, or a mix of both. Besuche uns auf Facebook. Violeta Mix Shar Pei / Labrador - mittelgroß Hündin - kastriert, gechipt, geimpft Schulterhöhe ca. Although it is mostly an even, affectionate, and emotionally responsive dog, it may inherit the independent and dominant personality of a Shar-Pei. Suerte ist eine ca. Based on the breed they are mixed with, they can have a wide body or a flat head. Originally deemed a ‘peasant’s dog’, Shar Pei were developed to be versatile, and were employed as herders, … Angus the Basset / Shar-Pei mix (Ba-Shar) at 14 months old—"Everybody is constantly stopping me to ask what breed he is; he is not only a show-stopper but he is ultra-intelligent." Shar Pei mixes require plenty of exercise, socialization, and consistent obedience training. And while the Poodle is considered hypoallergenic, the Shar Pei is not. Read here for more info on this stunning mix. We love her so dealing with all of her traits. Adopting a Shar Pit from a shelter is always the most humane … 10/2012, ca. Certainly, the dog usually takes on characteristics from both parents. Eager to please companions who are friendly to almost everyone and bond very strongly with their people. Nach dem Motto „Einmal Shar Pei – immer S har Pei“ ist es unser tägliches Bedürfnis, diesen Hunden zu helfen Unser Notfall. Tell us which one in the comments section below! And unfortunately, due to his history as a pit fighting breed, some regions ban Shar Pei dogs and Shar Pei mixes. Bullmastiff Shar Pei Mix dogs are basically the Chinese dogs which can be characterized by their wrinkled skin. Sehr... Versand möglich. Name: ZIZI Rasse: Shar-Pei Mix Alter: ca. Shar Pei Nothilfe e.V. Shar-Pei sounds. The Chinese Shar Pei can trace his ancestry back 2000 years to the Han Dynasty. The Shar-Pei originated in the southern provinces … The Husky Shar Pei mix could make a loyal pet for those looking for an active, energetic hybrid who bonds closely to his loved ones. Menschenbezogene … Also known as Boxpei, the Box-a-Shar has a short- to medium-sized coat and needs regular grooming to keep its hairs clean. The Shar-Pei German Shepherd mix, or German Shar-Pei, is a lovable, floppy family dog and an excellent watchdog. One who becomes very bonded with his loved ones but who may also be reserved with strangers. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, December 5, 2018 By Madison Guthrie 19 Comments. Sign up now and stay updated for all the latest news. Der Shar-Pei (chinesisch 沙皮狗, Pinyin shāpí gǒu, Jyutping saa 1 pei 4 gau 2, kantonesisch sa 1 pei 4 gau 2) ist eine von der FCI anerkannte Hunderasse aus China (FCI-Gruppe 2, Sektion 2.1, Standard Nr. He is very clean and was easy to potty train but does not like walks and I recently (he’s almost 3 years old now) doesn’t much like playing. My daughter has a shar pei newgoundlang(premise) mix looking ro find him a new home has a skin irritation get it cured and he starts chewing and it comes back needs room to run, I had a shar eagle Shar-Pei Beagle mix the best mix ever. Let’s look at where each parent breed came from. 309 / 09. Facts about the Shar-Pei Pitbull Mix: Before we go ahead and know more about the breed, let us have a look at some fun facts about the Shar-Pei Pitbull Mix: The name “Shar-Pei” means “sand … Der Preis für diese Shar Pei-Welpen ist oft sehr niedrig und sie sollen meistens direkt zum Käufer geliefert werden. What is the mix in the first couple of photos? Ich bekam nur per SMS die Info das sie jetzt so schnell wie möglich … In addition to the popular mixes mentioned above, the Shar-Pei is crossed with purebreds like the Bullmastiff, Chihuahua, Welsh Corgi, Great Dane, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Cane Corso, Doberman Pinscher, Shiba Inu, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Akita. He could have tiny ears on a powerful head or tall ears on a wrinkled noggin. House training and tricks were a breeze with her. ca. With this in mind, a prospective owner of a Rottweiler Shar Pei mix can prepare for a family-oriented breed. If you are looking for a Shar Pei mix that could do well with children, we the Cocker Spaniel Shar Pei Mix is a possibility. But have since found out that she is a Shar-Pei chow mix. The Shar-Pei mixes are produced by crossing the Chinese Shar-Pei with a number of purebreds, including Pit Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, German Shepherd, English Bulldog, Basset Hound, and Rottweiler. Deutsche Shar-Pei Club“ gegründet, der auch heute noch, zusammen mit einem weiteren Verein, die Rasse Shar-Pei im VDH betreut. Heute erfreut sich diese Rasse großer Beliebtheit und besonders die Shar Pei Welpen weisen die charakteristischen … Both breeds have a similar average … Intelligent and devoted towards its people, the Ba-Shar can adjust to apartment living but requires a fair amount of daily activity. The Shar Pei Labrador mix … Establish dominance in the dog, and don't allow it to show aggressive behavior in front of strangers, pets or kids. Still, keep in mind that genetics are genetics and any traits as far as temperamental or physical could be left up to chance. If none of these mixes seem right for you, try looking at the bear coat Shar Pei for something a little different! Breed: English bulldog, Shar Pei mix. Sie bettelte zu diesem Zeitpunkt an einer Bushaltestelle um Essen. All of that is still very much a part of its makeup. Bitte kaufen Sie keine Welpen der Rasse Shar Pei oder andere Rassehunde per Vorkasse über Western Union. Cute, wrinkly, and strong, Shar Pei Bulldog mixes are not recommended for first-time dog owners. Early socialization and obedience training can help make fabulous family pets in spite of their guarding instincts. Noch 2 … This is another of our Shar Pei mixes who is best suited for singles or homes without children or other dogs. When it comes to Shar Pei mixes, the German Shepherd Shar Pei mix may be one of our most intelligent and loyal. wish I could find a breeder to buy anonther great friend. ca. SHAR-PEI FCI-St. Nr. And a dog who will prove to be a loyal, intelligent, and helpful companion. However, those who love and own Rottweilers insist that these breeds are gentle, intelligent, and loyal dogs. The Husky was a bred companion and working dog. The German Shar-Pei, also called the Shepherd Pei, is a German Shepherd Dog mixed with a Chinese Shar-Pei. I had a Shar pei /pit an he was the best dog I ever had I just lost him last week he was 14 years old an I loved every thing about him . These are both of asian descent and make for an interesting … We had two Sharpei pug mixes. It’s a medium-size dog at about 18 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. PATRONAT : F.C.I. This is a beautiful designer mixed breed. A prospective Shar Pei Lab mix owner should prepare for their Shar Pei mix to be intelligent, loyal, and playful. Both Pitbulls and Shar Pei dogs can make excellent pets so long as they are trained and socialized in puppyhood. It makes an excellent family companion, bonding closely with one or two people in the family. She’s extremely hyper, chews on everything, jumps constantly, needs constant attention, has separation anxiety, hates cats, drools constantly & generally drives me crazy, luckily I only babysit her occasionally. kaufen. The Golden Retriever, for example, is an eager to please, family friendly dog. Both breeds have a similar average height and weight range, so it’s safe to say he’ll fall between 45-70 pounds, with males hitting the higher end than females. Leo Shar Pei mix wurde aus einer schlechten Haltung gerettet und kam dann ins Tierheim (in Italien). Oh, by the way, my wife has an 11 year old male cat that has fit in well with the male dog (they pretty much ignore each other). This is more than likely a friendly dog that is bred from two very distinct and different dog breeds. Shar Pei dogs are popular guarding dogs, especially in ancient Chinese culture. 1.800 € 73479 Ellwangen (Jagst) 31.01.2021. Pflege, Gesundheit und Krankheiten Your email address will not be published. I live in MO. Spende an Shar Pei Nothilfe e.V. She is a natural problem solver with a number of unique needs and traits. However, the Shar Pei and the Golden Retriever have very different temperaments. Shar-Pei Figur ca. I have a family and this Dog is great so far. Why buy a Shar Pei puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? They have been known to show aggression, especially if they are not properly trained and socialized. They are intelligent, playful, loving and get easily attached to the family. He could have tiny ears on a powerful head or tall ears on a wrinkled noggin. They can suffer a number of health issues and may be prone to breathing and eye issues. Man war auch nicht bereit mit uns zu telefonieren. Looking for a good guard dog? Shar Pei Puppy Pictures Caring Coaching shar-pei would like a firm hand and a lot of patience. The Shar Pei Chow Chow Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Shar Pei and the Chow Chow. The Ori Pei is easy to train and they love pleasing their master by learning new tricks. Am I making a mistake? Do you have your heart set on one of the Shar Pei mixes listed above? However, no Shar Pei mix is likely going to be low maintenance. They are usually … It’s funny he is all of these dogs combined for sure and has sometimes been a little challenging but i love this dog so much it is nuts. Shar-Pei kaufen und verkaufen Tierheimhunde, Rassehunde, Mischlinge und Welpen Jetzt Traumhund finden auf! Labrador dogs rank in at number one, so it’s no surprise that a Lab Shar Pei mix is one of the most popular Shar Pei mixes. Being a operating breed, chinese shar-pei would like lots of … We all know Labradors for their easy-going, lovable temperaments. Beim Shar Pei sind recht viele Krankheiten bekannt. Shar-pei literally means "sand skin" in Mandarin. Mail: … 1999 ÜBERSETZUNG : Dr.J-M. Paschoud, Frau R.Binder und Frau E.Peper. This is not the best hybrid for homes with small children and homes with other household pets. 1.800 € 73479 Ellwangen (Jagst) 31.01.2021. He is a gentle loving doll baby. 1 shar pei/lab She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and currently practices in the central Kentucky region. Noch 2 schicke Welpen … An experienced owner who understands the importance of early socialization and obedience training. Violeta Mix Shar Pei / Labrador - mittelgroß Hündin - kastriert, gechipt, geimpft Schulterhöhe ca. And is a Shar Pei mix really right for you? 02/.2020 Geschlecht: Hündin Größe: derzeit ca. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Sadly, the health problems of the Bulldog mean that it’s not a mix we can recommend. I wonder if I’m not doing something right it seems he’s too young to be so lazy. However, Bulldogs are friendly and outgoing dogs. They make popular family pets and, mixed with Shar Pei dogs, can prove to be intelligent and mischievous crossbreeds. Hence, this mix is the most popular of all Shar Pei crosses. Schicke Shar Pei Welpen 8 Wochen alt. What do you get when you put a Shar Pei and German Shepherd together? It’s a medium-size dog at about 18 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 40 … The Shar Pei is very … Purebred Vs Mutt-Common Objections to Mixed Breed Dogs, Tiffani J Howell, Tammie King, Pauleen C Bennett, Puppy Parties and Beyond: the role of early age socialization practices on adult dog behavior, The Myth of Hybrid Vigor in Dogs…Is A Myth, Best Large Breed Dog Food – From Puppies to Seniors, Best Food For Maltipoo Puppies, Dogs and Seniors, Best Chew Toys For German Shepherds – Our Complete Guide, Lowell Acumen DVM, DACVD, MBA, MOA, The Genetic Connection; a Guide to Health Problems in Purebred Dogs, Second Edition, 2011. Both Pitbulls and Shar Pei dogs have an unfortunate history of being used as pit fighting breeds. They are not highly active and enjoy staying indoors, playing with toys or even sleeping. His coat will most likely shed, so this Shar Pei hybrid may not be the best choice for those owners who suffer from allergies. It is a medium-sized designer dog that excels as a loving and protective family companion. He did require lots lf extra love and time and trainimg fromy older Germain S. And lab mix. She is the sweetest thing ever. I’ve had 5 shar pei mixes and they’ve all been wonderful loving, and some, protective. They are cute, loveable, and fun ! Because of its loving demeanor and moderate exercise and coat care needs, it adapts to almost any household. 50 cm. Chinese Shar Pei History. She is a … What do you think? 50 cm, ca. KLASSIFIKATION FCI: Gruppe 2 Pinscher und Schnauzer, Molosser und Schweizer … Some Chinese Shar-Pei are friendly, while others are very reserved. I have a 1 yr old Minni Hippo. 6/2016 Im Tierheim von: 7/2017 bis 1/2021 Violeta ist freundlich, gutmütig [...] 67808 Mörsfeld (Rheinland-Pfalz) | k.A. This is also known as a Chowpei. In den 1970er-Jahren galt der Shar-Pei als seltenste Hunderasse der Welt und war vom Aussterben bedroht. Woof! Six years old, 48 lbs, spay, up to date with shots, potty and crate trained. If you have considered the above information and have decided that a Shar Pei mix would be right for you, we are here to help! Find Chinese Shar-Pei Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Chinese Shar-Pei information. Ein gesund gezüchteter Shar-Pei ist ein bemerkenswerter Hund. Because Shar Peis are known as “difficult” dogs, finding a professional trainer who has experience with the breed is recommended. Many Chinese Sharpeis snort, grunt, and snore loudly. The well-mannered and fair-tempered nature of the Ori Pei makes them get along well with children. Violeta - Mix Shar Pei - Labrador, lieb und verträglich Mischlingshunde Shar-Pei (5 Jahre) Violeta Mix Shar Pei / Labrador - mittelgroß Hündin - kastriert, gechipt, geimpft Schulterhöhe ca. 2. I call her a werewolf because her face looks so much like a werewolf. Rottweilers insist that these breeds are gentle. They will all need plenty of constant training, socialization, and obedience classes beginning in puppyhood. 45 cm Gewicht: ca. Shar Pei Labrador Mix. Im Dezember ’20 inforerte uns unsere spanische Kollegin Maria über eine Hündin, die in sehr schlechtem körperlichen Zustand ausgesetzt worden war. Known for his loyalty, the Akita matches the Shar Pei when it comes to guarding instincts and a faithful temperament. It can be stubborn and willful at times, requiring an experienced hand while training. It has an inherent desire to work while its courage and devotion are unmatched. This Shar-Pei and German Shepherd mix is a courageous, confident, and loyal companion, but his watchful instincts mean he may need an experienced owner to shape him into the ideal pet as he grows. Aktuelle Notfälle. They are protective towards the f… 04. She is a Cocker Spaniel and Shar Pei mix. The German Shar-Pei, also … Well, my other dog is a 5 year old male Papillon/Yorkie mix, so I am hesitant. Read on to find out information about these popular Shar Pei mixes. Ein Shar Pei Welpe macht einen zerknautschten Eindruck, welcher durch die vielen Falten zustande kommt. Age: 3 years old. Due to their eagerness to please and zest for life and learning, Cocker Spaniels and many Cocker Spaniel mixes are a joy to train. Kein Zustand für die liebe Hündin und so nahm Aleksey sie im Tierheim auf. Cocker Spaniel dogs are specially bred to be loyal. Shar-Pei is an ancient breed originally developed for guarding, herding, and hunting jobs. So, when it comes to bright and energetic Shar Pei mixes, we can add the Shar Pei Poodle mix to the list. It is sometimes referred to as the Sharp Eagle. Its personality can be described as affectionate, devoted, social, active, joyful, alert, and occasionally aggressive. This is certainly not a low maintenance crossbreed. Also, like all crossbreeds on this list, the Shar Pei Poodle mix could inherit any number of traits from his parent breeds. Hope Shar-Pei Mix 1,8 Jahre soll Ihr Zuhause schnellstmöglichst nach 3 Wochen schon wieder verlassen. 16 Kg geb. 10/2015 geborene Shar Pei-Mix-Hündin t einer Schulterhöhe von ca. 50 cm, ca. I had a dna test on my big boy and he is a Sharpie/ chow on one side and husky german sheppard on the other. Your Chow Chow Shar Pei mix will need extensive grooming if he inherits his Chow Chow parent breed’s fluffy coat. All rights reserved. On the other hand, Pugs are friendly, outgoing dogs with a charming, comedic nature. Nicht nur Shar Pei Nass- und Trockenfutter werden für Sie herausgesucht, sondern auch köstliche Snacks. Weitere Hunde. The Shar Pei Labrador mix is often called the Lab Pei. The Shar-Pei Pit Bull Terrier mix is a gentle and loving family pet that can also work as a fearless protector. And of course, the Shar Pei Golden Retriever mix will need plenty of training and early socialization. Find Shar Peis for Sale in Portland on Oodle Classifieds. All of that is still very much a part of its makeup. Watch More At: translates to "sand skin". Shar Pei Lab Mix is a cross of the Labrador Retriever and the Chinese Shar-pei, also known as Lab Pei or Sharpay Lab. Hunderasse Shar Pei zum Thema Hundefutter & Co. Aus den Statistiken des Futterchecks bezüglich den Angaben, von Shar Pei Haltern, geht hervor, dass die Mehrheit unserer zufriedenen Futtercheck Nutzer einen "mittel"- aktiven Rüden zu Hause haben. They have a small amount with foxhound, Newfoundland, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Children should be supervised around this crossbreed. Weitere Hunde. Their Labrador Retriever and Chinese Shar-Peilineage makes for a loving, intelligent dog that is easy to train and keen-to-please his owner. The Chinese Shar-Pei German Shepherd Mix is made up of a German Shepherd and a Chinese Shar-Pei.

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