saturn in the 12th house transit

I’ve been struggling with this all my life. To surrender to a … There will be a close conjunction at 28 degrees even though Saturn doesn’t cross my ascendant. The Sun acts to spotlight and illuminate the affairs of a house. Saturn has entered my 12th house. I do feel like I’ve met the love of my life but when I read the portion of your article about the catalyst, my heart sank. In her book, Intuitive Astrology, Elizabeth Rose Campbell writes, “One of the biggest challenges of the twelfth house, ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune, is understanding the difference between giving up and surrendering. Incidentally we lost our mother during my younger brother’s Saturn return. @Rajesh Heartbreak is the beautifully helpless side of love and affection and is [an] essence and emblem of care… Heartbreak has its own way of inhabiting time and its own beautiful and trying patience in coming and going.”. I could see it coming several years back during the withdrawal period. And, to top the Saturn transit of my 12th/ascendant off, I also underwent major Pluto transits (beginning in 2009) to my 2nd house stellium of Venus in Sag, Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cap) !! That was when Saturn was in 12th conjunct AC, when I saw him after several years and it was like I was looking for the first time without rose-colored glasses. My 12th house Jupiter transit, coupled with my 7th house Saturn transit, was one of the most awful, most transformative years of my life. 12th House; Compatibility. Synastry Saturn in the other person's 12th house: How do you help each other release Karma and evolve spiritually through challenges? Each planet’s transit through the 12th house has its own effect of closure, but Jupiter’s transit can be particularly special. A liminal space in which you can’t do much except learn to listen to the promptings of your soul. Whatever state you’re in, know that 12th House Saturn’s long goodbye has cleaned out the old baggage, and you’re ready to start fresh. Saturn divided my life into ‘before’ and ‘after’. I’m ensconced in this now—and N Saturn is also in 12th, so Saturn return imminent. Or the end of my illusions and hopes for commitment from him? Some with Saturn here answer this call, by being very disciplined with their spiritual lives. Saturn in the 12th house of horoscope makes the native immoral, depraved, merciless, reclusive, extravagant, vicious, victorious, a pleasure-seeker and popular leader.. I guess my question was, since i will have saturn conjunct my 12th house pretty soon, i am wondering what it could be like. couldn’t get him out of my head. I’m also tired of dreaming other people’s feelings! Saturn transits the 12th House. Saturn in 7th house transit will reward you if you do the homework. Saturn in the 12th House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt My natal Saturn at 14 Capricorn in 12 house and needless to say transit Pluto really working that consciousness …l finally got what Saturn in 12th house means to me. Very very apt – could not be more apt. When Saturn transits the Eleventh House the need for security and achievement influences your long-term goals and how you relate to society at large. The Saturn experience put my life on an entirely new and better path, despite the inevitable hurt of the process, and I will never be the same person again. ( Log Out /  The 12th house is the infinite karmic closet holding everything -- past, present, and future. Dear Nadia, reading your article above game me goosebumps. Thank god I have spiritual dreams too I can’t imagine how lost i would be without them! This is like death to me, a slow one. Love. During the Sun square Saturn transit, we … You may be forced by your work to learn new information to do your job. Before I even read this I was thinking of what I’ve been experiencing and the phrase “the long goodbye” came to mind. (Personal note: when Saturn was in my 12th I experienced a total collapse of my identity which triggered an awakening and the start of my spiritual journey. This is a period of self-discovery where you’ll withdraw from the expectations of others in order to find out for yourself who you are on the deepest level. If you have natal Venus in your 12th House, transiting Saturn will be a reality check about your romantic illusions. This is a good time to explore what you really want on an ultimate, spiritual level – your bottom line – so you might want to experiment with new ideas and approaches to life. If you meet someone now, you’re more likely to keep your interest in them to yourself, feeling more shy than usual in love matters. If Saturn is not well placed in your house of Karma and status, there can be delay in beginning your career. Thanks Nadia. The truth about 12th House transits is that they’re underrated. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology. And then there’s Saturn, who wants to impose order on a process that has no order. Saturn in the 12th House Meaning, Natal Birth Chart, Saturn Astrology Free Interpretations. On average, the Sun transits a house for a month. This doesn’t mean that you throw yourself on a self-destructive pyre, but there is a need to leave behind what no longer has value. Nice illustration of how H12 Saturn works, even if the relationship doesn’t fully manifest. If Saturn is not well placed in your house of Karma and status, there can be delay in beginning your career. This is happening right now for me. Our synastry aspects are good. It very difficult for someone with natal mercury conjunction Neptune. I’m still quite surprised at how personal and private these experiences are and must be done mostly alone. I’ve got a late degree Capricorn rising. Saturn is the planet that represents control and the structure. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 So being honest to your true calling is the key for me. The areas affected due to Saturn in the 9th House: Thoughtfullness; Attitude towards others If afflicted by malefic, this Saturn indicates an … By David Whyte, seems to sum up this transit well. Hi Naria! This has been the hardest last few years of my life! Saturn's Transit to the 12th house is a karmic time, and a time when you will need to find your higher power or faith. Wonderful read! Saturn in 7th house transit and Pluto in 8th house transit. At the same time I do have a dim awareness that dead wood is being cut out by Saturn’s rusty scythe to leave room for new growth. 12th House Saturn: Hidden Determination Twelfth House Saturn in Trouble – Giving Away Control . When Saturn transit to the first house from natal Moon, it marks the beginning of the second phase of the Sade Sati (the 7 1⁄2 years long period of Saturn, which is deemed challenging in Vedic Astrology). It’s not easy to face your issues, but you have to. The 12th House is all about endings, and Saturn transits are about maturity. Transit Saturn in 12th House When Saturn transits through your twelfth house, it is a good time to do a cleanup and finish anything that has not been completed in recent years. Transit Saturn in the 12th House When transit Saturn is in your 12th house, you experience a serious, heavy period of time where you have to clean out your life carefully. I’m tired of crying and not feeling like I have an identity. Now that Saturn is back in Scorpio, I’m one of those with Scorpio ascendant (27,14 degrees) who is anxious what all that means. But willingly turning inwards and asking for guidance will restore your energy and hope, and new possibilities for the future will start to appear ready for the rebirth when Saturn crosses your ascendant into the 1st house. He/she is likely to have a spiritual bent of mind. Just imagine going through this without knowing what’s going on! How accurate can astrology be?! Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of blockages, hardships, challenges. nothing came out of it but it took me 11 years to let go completely. Saturn wants you to let go of your past way of doing things and define new values and ideals for the future. •Going on retreat or holiday When the outer world feels unreal and distant this is your cue to turn inwards to listen to the promptings of your deeper Self and find a source of internal strength and meaning. While the 10th house covers your worldly ambitions, this house is about your individual purpose, how you see your function in the wider society, and what you want to do on a personal level to develop into the future. Also, my ascendant is Aquarius… Capricorn is in my 12th house. This sounds so typical of a Saturn transit. Relationally, the 12th house transit coincided with a difficult time in my relationship with my then boyfriend. This was a month ago and it was the 2nd Saturn crossing over my AC 4deg Sag. Could it mean the end of our relationship? When Uranus transits in your first house, you will feel a strong impulse to break any obstacle or limitation imposed by others. This is scary accurate. Transit Saturn in the 6th House Meaning, Transit Birth Chart, Saturn Astrology Free Interpretations. Actually it is a really great thing for me especially financially – I am just really sad at the moment. Thanks for sharing that. The push towards freedom and the need to let go is a symbol that change is more than expected. The first time Saturn went through my 12th I had no idea – it was a nightmare! ( Log Out /  Transit Venus in the 12th House When transit Venus is in the 12th house, you don’t feel like being affectionate in public, and you may not come across as being all that interested in anyone. Turns out I’ve been just turning into whoever I was told I was… I’m going through a long break up with an alcoholic and I’ve found out I am one too… I can’t wait for this to be over! If it’s time for your partnership to wind down, Saturn’s transit through the last house in your chart can trigger a long goodbye. ( Log Out /  I had a powerful feeling the first time I read this article a few months ago that I might be saying the “long goodbye.” Thanks for this. Saturn knows what he’s doing although we often stamp and scream against his demands. All of this includes romance, artistic pursuits, enjoyment, hobbies and children. Learn how your comment data is processed. Saturn in the 12 th house means it is the 3 rd position from the 10 th house, which concerns source of income. @Ema Re-evaluation time? Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. The Astrology of Sex, Love and Relationships, June 17, 2015 by Nadia Gilchrist 34 Comments. Thanks for sharing your experience, Leticia , •Letting go of the past It’s merely directing your focus to what needs to be released. Rummage in the archives here or explore my books. My experience with Saturn transit through the 12th house. I hope as Saturn transits my ascendant it brings a new life, like the one that started with my husband 30 years ago. But first you must undergo the dissolution. I looked back at the transits in the year I separated from my first wife and noticed that Saturn had indeed passed over both our Ascendants that year once. SATURN IS RULED by moon for my brother. This transit marks an important transition in your life where you’ll prepare for the rebirth that will come when Saturn crosses the ascendant and enters your 1st house. However, your hard work will definitely pay off extremely well if you are determined to put in twice the hard work and effort in your tasks and works assigned. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 This is a time when karma culminates in preparation for a new cycle of self-expression. This is a confrontation with the unconscious, a period of darkness and entering the unknown. He has been a mentor who I admire deeply, but mostly a great friend and an example. Blessings- Chris, Glad you found it helpful. Saturn in Aquarius in the 12th house: Whitney Houston, singer and actress; Saturn in Aquarius in the 12th house: Issan Dorsey, Sōtō Zen monk and teacher, drag queen, junkie, alcoholic, commune leader (source & source) Saturn in Aquarius in the 12th house: T.C. @Kira Saturn person serves as a mentor or financial planner and may bring wisdom from previous generations to the relationship in ways that benefit House 2 person. Saturn sign is in the indicated house … I just wonder how it’s going to be when Saturn actually transits my 8th house….geesh!!!! Uranus crossing the I.C. maybe reevaluation, but if Saturn doesn’t cross your AC there may not be a big shift. Saturn will totally clear … I had to deal with a sense of loss over my “old life” including estrangement from one of my children. & best wishes from Australia. wow…so it was your Saturn Return as well. You can click the tag for some deep, meaty, reading. At the moment, Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde and I feel I’m falling backwards into this dark(ish) abyss. Things got better I found my way again ? I have Saturn in my 12th (Sagittarius) right now. 6. If your development takes you in a different direction than the commitments/limits that Saturn introduced, you’ll know something’s about to give by the time Saturn reaches your 12th House. I am going through Saturn’s transit in 12th now and have just learned the significance of it. A Saturn in the Twelfth native might find an anchor in a meditation … Once the Saturn transit through the 12th house is ended you begin to build confidence again as to how you project yourself into the world, but hopefully on a sounder basis, and more deeply attuned to your life purpose and to the spiritual realms. Thanks. This Saturn associated with a benefic bestows Rajayoga, giving material happiness, health, wealth, sexual pleasures, and landed properties.. Nadia thanks for this article as always very insightful. Thanks, I had this in recent years and it was Libra ta boot, wasnt pleasant nor stylish and mostly to do with relating with myself, listening to my intuition and healing the emotions that would have me thinking I was a prisoner of my own makeup or in purgatory for want of a better expression, my moon also 12th house Libra, I do however now feel my own value and know my own values to ethically uphold with self respect no matter what anyone else thinks, whether they care or even see/hear me (I have first house Neptune) indeed most dont and think of me according to stereotype, so I let them, I am not able to prove what is unseen or unknown, nor do I have to justify myself, so things are now improving as only those able to see/hear or willing to listen with intent to understand me even a little who will also be respectful in disagreement are sharing a relationship between each other and at first there was only a couple, gradually one by one they are coming out of the shadows and it is quite honestly, priceless . It was absolutely, positively worth it! Its passage over your 7th House cusp (which happens roughly eleven years before it enters your 12th House) can solidify the commitment in an existing relationship. You cannot let go and relax. For me Saturn in house of Neptune was full of fears and insecurities but l also learned to follow my intuitions. Very often students of astrology overlook this special result of Saturn in the 12t h house. The only reason i ask this is because i realize its VERY difficult to build something solid when the old structures (his marriage) is still dissolving. Leo: Saturn Transit 2020, 2021 and 2022 effects on Leo (Simha Rashi) Saturn rules the sixth house and also holds portfolio of the seventh house for your sign. This can manifest as attempting to preserve a relationship that’s slipping away. at all. I met someone new unexpectedly and only realized my feelings for him when it was time for me to leave. They say Saturn transiting the 12th is about … ? The process begins when Saturn moves from the 11th to the 12th House, and ends once Saturn passes over your Ascendant, crystallizing your brand new identity. And that may be your relationship. The transit of Saturn to the third house marks a time when how you have networked with people around you, and how you gain and disseminate information, come up for inspection by Saturn. My boyfriend is 20 years older and going through a divorce and has children. While the 10th house covers your worldly ambitions, this house is about your individual purpose, how you see your function in the wider society, and what you want to do on a personal level to develop into the … My Venus is in my 12th house and so is the ruler of my DC, Mercury, so Transiting Saturn activated them. Very often students of astrology overlook this special result of Saturn in the 12t h house. How you’ve been expressing yourself has created the life you’re now living and it’s time to confront your karma. You can let go of old habit patterns and baggage that’s been holding you back, and secrets can be brought to light unexpectedly. To all who are going through this transit hang in there because later you’ll be so glad that you did. So true, 12th House stuff can be deeply unpleasant initially, no matter what the sign. I have always assumed we would not ultimately be together, but so interesting what you say, the back and forth, the maybe yes, maybe no quality. You may not want to contemplate a new relationship, or you may be ready to get out there and start dating. All the inner work that Jupiter brought, and the outer that Saturn brought at the same time, changed me forever. You’re taken into an abyss of identity loss and change that you can’t control, and you may try to resist – but resistance only makes the process harder. Saturn person may encourage House 2 person to restrict their spending or may guide House 2 person during a time when House 2 person is experiencing financial challenges. But astrological literature typically talks of them in terms more evocative of Mordor or the terrifying duplicate home reality of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.. Love Compatibility; Best Match; 4 Elements Compatibility; Love. The actual legal ending of HIS marriage status and the ending of my girlfriend status in order to begin a new solid commitment together? Different transits can herald the end of a relationship, each with their own planet-specific lessons. My mantra for this Saturn in Scorpio Transit: Everything that resides in the dark must come to the light. As you probably know already, Saturn transits are hard. For the roughly 3 years it will take for Saturn to pass through this house, you may form ties with people who can help and benefit you professionally and other … My north node conjuncts his sun. Saturn in 12th House Transit: For the period of over two years that it takes Saturn to transit through the 12th house, you are set to undergo significant spiritual growth. Transit Jupiter in 12th House One is usually protected from evil during Jupiter’s transit through the twelfth house, as long as the past actions and motivations have been constructive and noble. @JW It can take two to three years, and often involves a drawn-out process of sacrifice and dissolution. This can be difficult and disturbing, especially if you try to hang on to your old identity. There’s good stuff down there too, and you may discover a transcendent dimension to your experience that will become a source of strength and support through this process. Uranus transiting the 4th house will impact home life and emotional ties. Saturn in 2nd House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. We are indeed having a long goodbye because even though he’s moved out and my I have emotionally moved on, neither of us has filed for divorce and we are still communicating. And the 12th house experience indeed was a time of big revelations. I am feeling at this point that the lessons Saturn brings these coming years are a good thing – bringing necessary changes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Strong feelings of guilt are side-effects of this transit; they are distorted versions of the 12th’s higher vibration of sacrifice. The main thing I’ve noticed, is people are defining me in ways I think are false. We’ve been apart for 4 months and indications are that he is in the process of purging this toxic woman from his life…he has kept me out of it entirely after getting me involved in a really gross messy situation I did not ask for. It may confront you with the results of an affair, or how you’ve been sacrificing your self-esteem with certain types of behavior. When an outer planet transits the fourth house, it often indicates that a major life change is forecasted. Since then nothing has stayed the same in the sphere of relationships. Transit of Saturn through your 6th house is going to bring some betterment at career front, so far the transit of Saturn through your 5th house was causing a lot of issues on work front. As the boundaries and structures of your identity dissolve, you may feel spaced out, vulnerable, or lost, especially during the early part of the transit. Plus my current transiting Neptune conjunct my IC and opposing my Moon and MC. There are always signs, long before Saturn hits your 12th House. You may decide to take on a course of study to advance yourself. Saturn is the planet that represents control and the structure. Pretty much since the moment I gave birth to my first child and then a second followed. I really felt like I was in my own prison. Never quite understood the sudden decision to go but now those three years are clear. With Saturn or Shani in 12th house Success in life endeavors will be attained in the foreign land rather than in homeland. I’m not talking about being victimized. Chiron 15° taurus in 4th house, conjunct my natal sun 13° taurus (7th house). I realized I did not want to go and wanted to stay with him instead. Those born during the Sun square Saturn transit may have to overcome more challenges than others to advance in life because this aspect in their birth chart is making them have low self-esteem ever since very … If at this moment you are involved in a relationship and this relationship allows you to be yourself fully, it can be transformed rather than destroyed. I got divorced after 14 years I almost filed bankruptcy… I felt utterly Alone there was no good in my life. The invisible leg is Asteroïd maniac 17° aries 3rd house. I moved across Europe and settled into a new country, leaving everything and everyone behind. His NN conjuncts my IC. And yes it was also Saturn return for me like Rainbow. When this transited my 12 house it was like hell ? Saturn in the 12 th house means it is the 3 rd position from the 10 th house, which concerns source of income. Saturn in the 10th house may cause differences with the father. Thank you again. Since Saturn was technically in my 12 house 3 deg Sag, does this mean that he is the catalyst since it is not possible to build a relationship whilst Saturn is in the 12th? It is the struggle for spirituality, a struggle which can bring lasting peace to themselves. Or, a new relationship with significant limits can enter your life. (Like in the uranus square venus transit where eventhough you may remain faithful the partner may be triggered by such transit and becomes restless, wanting more freedom or is unfaithful?). You may feel isolated now or actually end up alone for long periods. Saturn was transiting through my 12th house the last couple of years. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Saturn transiting my 12th house. Saturn transited my 12th house and Ascendant approximately 7 years ago (it is now passing over my IC). Transit Saturn in the 12th House When transit Saturn is in your 12th house, you experience a serious, heavy period of time where you have to clean out your life carefully. The Twelfth House is a mysterious field in itself. It can be a time of confusion, disorientation, and frustration as the old structures of your life begin to collapse. Very interesting Nadia, just checked the last Saturn transit through 12 th house and it coincides with a sudden relocation back to my native county. Natal 12th House Saturn is a bit different from transiting 12th House Saturn. You may want to withdraw into solitude, but you may also just feel cut off from others and unable to relate on an emotional level. You must allow your deeper Self to lead the way, and that way may be hard for a while, depending on what needs to come up from the unconscious. Saturn delivers the results of what has come before. Perhaps this was the status of being a husband or wife. Rather, the pressure centers more around mental output. Saturn in 12th House – Transit. Giving up is an abandonment of one’s center and capacity to respond. Astrologers say this a good time for tying up loose ends, revisiting the past, and seeing to unfinished business. As Saturn transits the 12th House things you’ve been hiding from yourself will be brought to light and you will be asked to face up to the emotional implications of the choices you have made. His Sun conjunct my moon. saturn is total isolation ending…. Thank you so much for your insights. Anything that no longer works, or feels empty and meaningless, will fall away, and you’ll be left with the things that really matter to you. SMHH!!!!! The rebirth is on its way, but don’t think for a second that you can control it or dictate how things will unfold. Clinging to what’s no longer valid can delay the ending, but even if you totally embrace the process of release, nothing can be hurried in the 12th. Of the 12th, Traditional Astrologer William Lilly says “Saturn does much joy in that House for naturally Saturn is author of Mischief.” We can make any Twelfth House transit many times worse than it has to be by ignoring any insistent nudge …

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